The Cosmic Frolic Surf Hat


This little number will make you want to swim around in the enchanted waters of the space time continuum. When you land back on planet Earth, you'll love the fact that this heavenly baby will protect you from the sun's damaging UV rays.


  • Adjustable chin strap with quick release clip
  • Adjustable toggle to tighten hat circumference 
  • Performance mesh panels on the ear flaps
  • Removable neck flap with elastic button closures 


    We actually don't believe in a gendered sizing approach, but it makes it a bit easier for you to get the right size without you having to go find a tape, either way the hats have adjustable toggles so if it's a bit roomy, you can always adjust it to feel tighter. 

    That being said, if you do know you've got a big noggin we suggest going with the (mens) 61CM size. If you know you've got a smaller head, grab a (womens) 58cm size.

    • Womens: 58cm  -  Great for womens heads, or just normal human small heads, adjustable toggle if you're in between sizes
    • Mens: 61cm - Great for mens heads (or large womens heads) or just any head in general that you believe might be large, adjustable toggle if you're in between sizes