About Us - The Spirit of El Dingo


What is the spirit of El Dingo?

We all have something inside of us. Something that’s just dying to get out. It’s a calling to love ferociously, adventure freely, explore indefinitely, go against the grain, and froth on all that life has to offer. We call it the spirit of El Dingo. And it’s inside all of us.

Tune in, you might just hear the howl.

Who are we?

El Dingo is the brainchild of founder, Bryn Newman, who is unashamedly passionate about taking care of her skin, especially in the harsh Australian sun. After taking up surfing, she realised that surfers absorb a stupid amount of UV protection, and the status-quo of ‘cool’ hasn’t necessarily favoured surf hats. 

While surf hats are common amongst the surf-dad population, getting younger surfers to wear a hat has been a difficult task. In a sea of unexciting black and beige surf hats, there was no alternative for those surfers looking to stay safe from the sun, and look stylish in the process. 

@eldingo.co Okay this whole TikTok piece to camera thing is a lot harder than I thought. Here’s a little bit about me and why I founded El Dingo ⚡️❤️‍🔥 come join our pack! #smallbusiness #smallbusinessaustralia #eldingo #surftok #surfbrand ♬ original sound - El Dingo

To make things worse, Australians, and surfers in particular, are blissfully unaware of the dangers of UV radiation, and the fact that just five sunburns doubles your chances of developing skin cancer in a lifetime. 

El Dingo is determined to keep Australians (and other international human sea creatures) safe from the sun, and educate people on the dangers of sun exposure that are often underestimated. Our products have been designed on the bedrock of guidance issued by the Cancer Council, and offer a wide brim with full neck protection to minimise your exposure to UV. 

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