The best hat for fishos

The best hat for fishos

el dingo surf hats fishing hat Australia

Boring fishing hats are a thing of the past. El Dingo offers a functional fishing hat that doubles as a surf hat. It's the ultimate adventure hat for kayaking, hiking, and any activity where you're moving fast and you don't want your hat to fall off – i.e. riding on scooters in Indonesia.


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The beauty of an El Dingo surf hat for fishing is the removable neck flap, ear coverage with mesh inserts, and chin strap. 

The chin strap is perfect for boats or hooking around on a jet-ski with the wind in your hair - with your hat staying strapped to your head. 

el dingo fishing hat with neck cover Australia

Plus, the ear coverage gets bonus points for sun protection – did you know the ears are one of the most common places doctors find deadly skin cancer?

The removable neck cover is also a great element to our surf/fishing hats. If you want the extra neck protection, this flap adds ultimate coverage and flair to your fishing game. 

el dingo surf hats Australia

The hat also comes with an adjustable toggle so you can make sure the hat is always secured for whatever mission you're on. 

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