Sun-Kissed Skin or Sun-Damaged Skin? The Truth About Premature Aging

How dangerous is the sun for your skin?

Fellow sun-lovers! 

We all know that getting outdoors is essential to physical and mental health. 

But, here's a friendly reminder that while the sun can give us that sun-kissed glow, it might also be sneaking in some not-so-glamorous effects on our skin. 

Yep, you guessed it - premature ageing! 😱

The Sun's Sneaky Plan

Did you know that a whopping 80% of premature facial ageing?

Those pesky wrinkles and fine lines - are caused by our good ol' friend, the sun? 😱 That's right! So while we might adore that sun-kissed look, it could be hiding some not-so-cool surprises for our skin.

The majority of the visible signs of ageing are the result of damage to the skin caused by UV exposure. Ok #surftok and all of my #surfergirls let’s talk about the real dangers of sun damage: WRINKLES 😭 #sundamage #sunsafety #skintok #skincare #surflife #skincaretips ♬ original sound - El Dingo


The Culprit: UV Overexposure

So, how does the sun do its not-so-magical trick on our skin? Well, it's all about UV overexposure. Those cheeky UVA and UVB rays are up to no good, producing high concentrations of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that wreak havoc on our skin's connective tissues. The result? Wrinkles, loss of skin tone, and, well, let's just say less elasticity than we'd like! 😬

A Sun-Kissed Skin Care Story

Let me share a little personal skin care story. 

As an avid surfer, I couldn't resist catching those waves and basking in the sun's glory. But boy, did that harsh sun glare and my furrowing brows leave their mark! I noticed a deep wrinkle forming between my eyebrows. Each time I looked in the mirror it seemed like my wrinkles were doubling every look from too much sun exposure, even when I was armed with a face full of Zinc!

My good friend who has lived in Australia for 10 years even mentioned that her older sister, who lives in Chile, looks much younger than she does and she thinks it’s from the harsh UV rays in Australia – due to our blue skies and proximity to the equator. 

Our planet leans more towards the sun where Australia is located – which means higher UV ratings in Australia!

Surf Hats to the Rescue! 🏄‍♂️

Here's where the game-changer comes in: surf hats! 🧢 But not just any surf hats... The options out there felt like surf-dad caps, and that wasn't the vibe I was going for. 

I wanted something that would protect my skin from the sun's sneaky ageing tricks while making me feel effortlessly stylish!

Introducing... drumroll, please... El Dingo surf hats! 🌟

UPF 50+ Surf Hat

Unleash Your Sun-Safe Style

At El Dingo, we're all about making surf hats that you won't feel nerdy wearing! 

Our stylish surf hats help provide some much needed additional shade to your standard slip, slop, slap routine. They also add that extra flair to your beach or outdoor look. No more compromising on sun safety for style!

Note, never forget a great Zinc or SPF sunscreen- and reapply every hour. 

You should also consider wearing a rash guard. Our bucket hats provide the best sun protection, but our surf caps come in a close second. 

However, according to Cancer Council Australia you should always aim for a hat that has ear and neck coverage – because your ears are a very common place to get skin cancer!

El Dingo UPF 50+ Wide Brim Surf Hat With Straps

We're stoked that we recently received accreditation for our Wide Brim Surf Bucket Hats as "Excellent Protection" rated UPF 50+.

Check out our Wide Brim Hats below:

Embrace Your Inner Beach Babe/Bro

Whether you're riding those waves like a pro or just lounging on the sandy shores, our surf hats have got your back, and your face! The adjustable straps on our surf hats keep your hat securely in place, so you can focus on having fun without worrying about hat mishaps. 🏄‍♀️

Stylish Sun Protection

So, my fellow sun-seekers, let's embrace the beauty of the sun while also showing some love to our skin. 

The sun might be the source of that sun-kissed glow, but let's remember to protect ourselves from its not-so-glamorous side effects.

With El Dingo surf hats, you can say hello to sun-safe style without the, “Is that Mark Zuckerberg surfing?” vibes. So, grab your surf hat, slap on some zinc, and keep your skin youthful and vibrant - just the way it should be! 🌞💁‍♀️


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