Our List of The Coolest Byron Bay Surf Brands

Our List of The Coolest Byron Bay Surf Brands

Salt Gypsy

Started by Danny, who started Salt Gypsy as a personal blog in 2012 while working as a surf guide in the Maldives, Salt Gypsy is drawn from a lifetime chasing long period swells across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. 

She  needed a product that wasn't in the marketplace for core oceanwomen. She had two pairs of UPF protective leggings made for herself during a visa run to Bali. She began surfing and blogging about how practical they were to surf in and how much more confident she felt in the lineup. Finally, a product that didn't slip sideways or pull down in the surf, protected her skin from UV rays, and covered her bum so she could focus on her wave count.

TLDR What we love about Salt Gypsy;

Australian made sustainable surf swimsuits that fit, don't slip, and provide style and function while you surf. The short surf suits are wicked! Plus, the Salt Gypsy surfboard range has everything you need as you progress from beginner to advanced in your surfing skills.



Atmosea is an invitation to the celebration of freedom, inclusivity and community. We wear our armour as a message of power and pride in liberating ourselves from expectations and intimidations. Atmosea is more than sheathing you with comfort, practicality and flair, it is a culture that allows for people to harbour their differences, creating a nurturing and accepting environment for female surfers across the globe. We are empowered women empowering other women as these suits connect us towards a more progressive and all-encompassing surfing community.

TLDR What we love about Atmosea;

Après surf wear and wetsuits that are as stylish as they are functional. Atmosea is know for its community in Byron Bay. You know you've got a friend in the water when they're wearing Atmosea.



Lore of The Sea

Founded by local Byron Bay legend, Laur Myr who grew up in the beautiful Basque country of Southern France until she found a strong connection to the lifestyle and surf community of Byron Bay, Australia in 2012. Since then she's been living the endless summer between those two places.

Committed to design principles that make surfing a fun, hassle free and stylish experience, Lore of the Sea is dedicated to all the women seeking style, uniqueness and practicality while doing what they love.

Lore of the Sea is a unique creative project motivated by the desire to create the perfect skins for the sea.

Lore of the Sea features pieces for all women of discerning tastes with a focus on making unique designs that are only available in limited editions.

TLDR What we love about Lore;

Not only are Lore's swimsuits perfect for surfers, their offering of surf jewellery that won't tarnish in the ocean is godsend. Who can be bothered taking jewellery on and off before and after surfing? 


A Mano Surf

As the name suggests, A Mano surfboards are 100% hand shaped. They believe that something crafted by hand holds a unique value and beauty in a world full of mass production. Every detail in each board is shaped by a lifetime of passion and expertise to help you explore your curiosity in the sea.

A Mano super conscious that surfboards, like so many other aspects of the surf industry, are an environmental menace. So they’ve partnered with “One Tree Planted” to plant 5 trees for every surfboard they make. Each board’s 5 mangrove trees are planted in vulnerable coastal ecosystems and sequester an average of 1500Kg of carbon over its lifespan.

TLDR What we love about A Mano Shapes;

You can customise your own board or buy one from their website, either choice will leave you completely satisfied as you glide on waves like never before and unleash your inner child.

El Dingo

Well we couldn't put a list together of rad Byron Bay brands without putting ourselves on the list! Our mission is to keep you shady in style and encourage you to unleash your inner spirit while not taking surfing so seriously. 

We want our fans and customers to have fun while surfing and let go on the misconception that you can only surf if you're cool and good at it. 

We're all about that dopamine, whether it's your bright expressive style or chasing it hunting kegs around the globe.  

Shop El Dingo tees and surf hats here.

Wildthings Gallery

Wild Things is a small Australian surf company born in a derelict warehouse in the backstreets of Sydney before uprooting to Bundjalung country / Byron Bay. What started as a showroom for Gato Herói has grown into a diverse business with a huge range of activities going on under the one roof.

Wild things offers a variety of alternative surfboards with 40-60 boards in stock at any time. As the Australian distributors of Captain Fin and Octopus, we also have a large range of shortboard and single fins, deckgrips and more.

On top of all that, the Byron Bay workspace of Wild Things and Gato Heroi Oz also provides space for hire, shared studios for designers and artists to work from, and provides a venue to showcase the art, photography, design and music of friends and new friends.

Wild Things is currently featuring artwork by Otis Carey, Ozzie Wright, Steve Cooney and Paul McNeil on the walls. Some bands that have played warehouse parties at wild things include Tomorrows Tulips, Ocean Alley, The Growlers, Skeggs, The Babe Rainbow, Goons of Doom, Mylee and The Milkshakes, The Dandelion, and The Ruminaters. The most recent show was a secret event that our friends Allah Las jammed in between a heap of dates on a sold out Aus tour.

TLDR What we love about Wildthings;

They have a rad Surf Club, carry a mad range of surf apparel brands, including some of the ones on this list and offer the best selection of surfboards in Byron Bay.



The steezy kids on the block, Rage offers a range of tail pads, hats, leashes and hoodies that will assure your crew you are indeed the coolest of the pack. 

TLDR What we love about Rage;

They are working with some of the best surfers in the game and creating a competitive surf gear brand that celebrates small business instead of large surf conglomerates. 

What are some of the other cool brands born in Byron Bay that we missed? 

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