Lakey Peak Travel Guide: Where to surf, stay and eat

Lakey Peak Travel Guide: Where to surf, stay and eat

 The ultimate lakey peak travel guide

Lakey Peak Surf Guide

Lakey Peak, located on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa, is considered a top surf spot due to several factors. Firstly, the location is exposed to open ocean swells, allowing for consistent and quality waves.

The reef break at Lakey Peak provides a long and fast wave, making it ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers. The warm water and tropical climate make for a pleasant surf experience year-round.

The area around Lakey Peak is relatively undeveloped, giving surfers a more serene and authentic experience compared to more crowded surf destinations. 

To be completely honest, this is a place to visit if and only if you want to surf. There isn't much in the way of entertainment, food, and so forth apart from surfing and fishing. Plus, it's a fairly conservative muslim culture, so sunbathing on the beach isn't the go. However, if you're in and out of the water to surf, don't worry – bring on the bikini and feel free to tie on a sarong for your post-surf brekky. 

If you're conscious of your surf level, don't worry there are plenty of options when it comes to waves. Alexi surfed The Peak and Lakey Pipe while Bryn (intermediate at best) surfed Nungas and got some of the best waves of her life. Punchy, but chill enough for her level and on a small day there were families out on paddle board riding tandem. 

when to visit lakey peak - best season for surfing in lakey peak

Cobblestones Lakey Peak Sumbawa

When to visit Lakey Peak?

Surfers can enjoy quality waves throughout the year, with the prime surf season lasting from May to August. The tradewinds start to blow from September to October, creating ideal conditions for kite surfing and great surf sessions in the morning and afternoon. Even during the months of November to April, when there is often more swell and occasional side shore winds, surfers will still find excellent waves. The occasional storm action only adds to the excitement and thrill of surfing in the area.

What to pack for a trip to Lakey Peak in Indonesia

what to pack for a surf trip to indonesia

What to pack for a surf trip to Lakey Peak

There aren't really any surf shops in Lakey Peak, so make sure you come prepared.

  • Zinc, and lots of it.
  • A surf shirt, rash vest, or long sleeve swimsuit and if you're being extra smart; surf leggings.
  • Surf hat, duh. But seriously, we didn't have enough surf hats on us for the amount of people asking us for one (because the sun was so strong and you're spending many hours on the peak) and there isn't anything for sale in the area to make up for it.
  • Reef booties 
  • Antiseptic for your reef cuts
  • Cash, however most locals are tuned into Wise (formerly TransferWise) which allows for bank transfers internationally without any hectic fees.
  • Spare board, because if you're doing it right you're going to break one.

How to get to lakey peak

How to get to lakey peak

Getting to Lakey Peak

We hired a car in Lombok and drove over to West Sumbawa for a week, then zipped over to Lakey Peak. Once you're in Lakey Peak you only need a scooter, but the car is nice to explore areas further away. 

Otherwise you can fly into the Bima airport (1.5 hours from Bali), but beware of your boards arriving a lot later than you do.  Then take a taxi, 1.5 hours (give or take) to Lakey. The taxi will cost around $80 AUD.

Pro Tip: You'll sink into the Indo-way and have to let go of your needy western expectations. Things are different here, just have patience. It will all work out. 

Everything is slightly more expensive in Lakey Peak, so expect to pay more for food, transport and accommodation than Bali. It's more isolated and they need to make money in the season, but it's worth the mint.

Your accomodation can help you hire a scooter. Be careful, some people will heckle you into renting a scooter. It should range from $5-8 AUD / day. Make sure to use your trusted locals for good advice, your accomodation will always be happy to assist you. 

Best surf spots in lakey peak

best surf spots in sumabwa

Where to surf in Lakey Peak

The Peak

Infamous in the surf world, this a-frame is a dream made for splitting. The left is fast and hollow, the right is shorter, but still offers a barrel and a punchable end section. This is the main surf spot at Lakey Peak that is suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Lakey Pipe

Just a stonethrow away from the iconic Lakey Peak is Lakey Pipe, a short right-hand nugget that looks like a miniature version of Teahupoo in the right conditions. Steep takeoffs and a short barrel section are consistently on offer at this fun little wave. 


The closest thing to a beginners wave in Lakey Peak, which can actually be intermediate paradise on smaller days. A long stretch of reef feathers out towards the end section and offers some more friendly sections that break from 2-foot and can handle some sizable conditions, too. Great spot to hit when The Peak is packed and the swell is big. 


A natural-footer's dream wave with right-hand runners that prefers high-tide conditions with more water over the reef. Offers a couple of sections including a hallow, fast tube section and end ramp for those brave enough. 


Cobblestones is a bodyboarder's paradise with a heap of ramps on offer for surfers brave enough. A right-hander with a heap of variety, wedges and end-ramps that is a hidden gem, particularly when most of Lakey seems onshore. 

Note: There's a wave next to cobblestones that is great for intermediate surfers. 

Secret Spots

We can't tell you where, but the Lakey area has a few hidden gems up its sleeve. Get in contact with one of our trusted surf guides (see below) for more information - just keep it a secret! 

where to stay in lakey peak sumabwa

where to stay, eat and surf in lakey peak sumbawa

Where to stay in Lakey Peak

3Waves Bar and Restaurant has a homestay, contact Onkey on WhatsApp +6281237993607


Here's a quick list of Airbnbs in Lakey Peak we recommend. 

A few more spots to check out and beware of:

  • The Tree House, it's a little bit away from the main breaks, but the pool and view will keep you satisfied when you're relaxing after a big salty day. 
  • Secret Peak Villas are right by 3Wave and walking distance from Lakey Peak, so you can grab a banana pancake and check the waves first thing in the morning.
  • Aman Gati a lot of surfers stay here, it's right on the beach by Lakey Peak and Lakey Pipe.
  • Search and make sure to sort by GUEST REVIEWS for anything 8+ and above. 
  • DO NOT STAY: Lakey Peak Inn Hotel. We're all for letting go of our western princess behaviours, but this place was like a trailer park in the jungle and not very clean. The photos do not match up with the actual rooms. If you want something cheap and don't care because you're gonna be salty all day and spend your nights at the local bars...then maybe it'll fly for you. 

best food in lakey peak

lakey peak travel guide - el dingo

Where to eat in Lakey Peak

  • Fatmahs, great portions, great food, a little bit expensive. 
  • 3 Waves Bar and Restaurant, we are here for breakfast and lunch everday. Onkey is the best.
  • Compass, amazing portions and amazing food. Awesome for lunch, gets busy at dinner.
  • The Wreck, cool spot in an old boat. Really good food. The fish is amazing and beach front spot for beers and bonfires is rad. A great spot to meet people and have a good time.
  • There's also a tiny coffee spot near Fatmahs which you can ask locals about or walk along the beach until you find it. We can't remember the name or find it on google, good luck! 

Find them all below on this handy map of Lakey Peak Where To Stay & Eat we made. 

lakey peak travel guide - el dingo

lakey peak travel guide - el dingo

What to do on a flat day Left Lakey Peak at 12AM, took a boat at 3AM to the middle of the ocean. Swam with whale sharks at sunrise and then legged it back to Lombok. What a journey! One we’ll never forget. #whalesharks #oceanlife #adventuretok #sumbawa #lombok #surfvibes ♬ Paris - Else

  • Go visit Whale Shark Bay and swim with the whale sharks!
  • Go fishing or hire a charter boat
  • Go diving. Then cook your fish on the beach at a local warung! 
  • Try wind surfing on a blown out day. Hit up our mate Frizin for guiding! See his info at the bottom of this post. 

surf guides in lakey peak sumabwa

Surf guides & our mates in Lakey Peak

Best local surf guides in Lakey Peak


Get more waves than you ever have been before with Firman's expert guidance.
WhatsApp +6282341256400


Best local surf guides in Lakey Peak


Lakey Peak boys 🌴🌍🌊
Surf guide Sumbawa
Surf lesson available
DM or call WA +6282340032347

 Best local surf guides in Lakey Peak


Frizin can take you kite surfing or teach you how to tuck in. Get after it with this big wave dave. DM him on his instagram linked above. 

Best local surf guides in Lakey Peak


Hit Arman up on instagram for all of your Lakey Peak surf guiding needs.

lakey peak travel guide - el dingo

Surf photographers in Lakey Peak

Pepito is your go to man. Video or photo, he's got your back.

WhatsApp him here: +62 823-4034-3653

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