Introducing Our Clean Peaks Initiative

Many moons ago, when Alexi did his first trek in Nepal he noticed the extreme amount of waste left behind by tourists on the trail. A few months ago, we bared witness to the piles of plastic pollution around Indonesia, in the oceans and on the streets. As a brand that is built off of our love for the outdoors, we dreamt of doing something – anything – to help reduce our impact and keep our planet beautiful.

Our Clean Peaks initiative was born.

Our first Clean Peaks initiative returns to where it all began – Nepal as Alexi heads here on a 5 week mission in November.
Our mission is to work with a local charities to do whatever we can to use
our platform and profits for good.

El Dingo Clean Peaks Project

Gaiters For Good

For every neck gaiter purchased, we'll be donating 100% of profits to Solerìco's Himalayan Plastics Project

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Respect Your Mother

The spirit of El Dingo loves Mother Nature – whether it's on the open ocean, or deep on a hiking trail.

Most people know about the concept of leaving no trace, but in reality, very few actually play by the rules.

That's why we're donating profits from our neck gaiter sales to a non-profit focussed on cleaning plastic waste from the pristine hills of the Himalayas, in the earthquake-ravaged area of Langtang, Nepal.

Plastics collected are removed from the precious ecosystem, recycled and reused into products that gives waste plastic another life and employs countless locals in the process.

We're here to keep you shady, and keep the ocean and our mountains pristine.

Leave No Trace?

Tens of thousands of tourists and seasoned mountaineers make their way to the Himalayas each year, leaving a massive footprint of single-use plastics that pollute waterways.

The local people, especially in the earthquake-prone area of Langtang have very little in the way of resources to process or remove trash from the mountains, which is something we want to help fix.

Proudly supporting: Solerìco's Himalayan Plastic Project

The Problem

The Langtang Valley in the Himalayas is home to over 100 trekking lodges and hosts some 18,000 trekkers per year. Every season, up to 200,000 plastic bottles are brought in and littered in the valley.

The Solution

PSD Nepal, has incentivised locals to walk the trekking routes and bring out as many bottles as they can through a “1 bottle = 1 Nepalese Rupee” scheme. Currently, these collectors are able to carry, on average, 50 bottles off the mountain per trip. To speed up this process of removing the plastic from the Himalayas, we are equipping the collectors with handheld bottle crushers so they can carry more bottles off the mountain per trip.

The next phase of the project is to provide the communities with local recycling depots to better collect and process the plastic bottles.